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What’s a .vi domain?

Domains are used all over the internet for websites and email addresses. Some domains end in .com (for commercial use), while others end in .gov (U.S. government) and others like .museum, .shop, etc.

The domains ending in .vi are reserved for us in the Virgin Islands. They contribute to our local pride and establish our global presence.


What do I get?

The quick answer is that you can get any name that is three to 63 characters long, as long as it is composed of (unaccented) letters, numbers and dashes and does not begin or end with a dash.

You can't use spaces, so people often either use a dash (, or just push the words together (

Don't worry about making a mistake - when you enter your domain name during the first step, that name will be automatically checked. If the name you've selected has any problems, our system will alert you.

Can I sell my .vi domain?

Yes! See our page with information about that.

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