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Virgin Islands Domain Brokerage Service

Last Updated: October 1, 2022

One Dot VI, through it’s service offers domain “Sale” brokerage services to Virgin Islands .vi domain holders.

If you currently are the holder of a registered .vi domain and are interested in “re-selling” your domain through, here’s how it works:

Simply email with the following information:

  1. The .vi domain that you wish to “re-sell”.
  2. Your name, phone, address, and email that is associated with the domain record.
  3. Your asking price and any applicable terms.
  4. The listing term you desire, i.e. 6 months (minimum), till sold, etc.

If accepted for “re-sell” you will receive an agreement to review and accept. Your domain will then be marketed on the web, through our site.

A unique web page will be created for your domain name containing the asking price and terms you have established. The page will also allow interested parties to make offers that will be forwarded to you for your consideration.

Once you as the “Seller” have accepted an offer, the domain will be labeled, “Pending Sale”. The “Buyer” will have 24 hours to make a 20% deposit based on the domain’s accepted offer price. The balance of the sale will be due from “Buyer” within 5 business days. All payments will be made to One Dot VI and shall be held in escrow pending completion of the “sale”.

The brokerage fees due One Dot VI are as follows:

A non-refundable listing fee of $25. This fee will be credited back to the “Seller” upon a closing of a “Sale” of the domain.

Domains selling for $500 or less; 20% of the original asking price.

Domain selling for greater than $500 20% of the accepted offer or 10% of the original asking price, whichever is higher. I.e. domain was originally offered by the “Seller” at $1,500 and the “Seller” accepts an offer for $1,000 One Dot VI will receive $200. just prior to the transfer.

If a “buyer” pays a deposit and defaults on the balance due the escrowed deposit will be dispersed as follows:

Within 10 days of a “Buyer” default, 50% of the escrowed deposit will be transferred to the domain “Seller” to be considered as “liquidated damages”. The remaining 50% will be retained by One Dot VI and considered a service fee. The “Pending sale” notice will be removed and the domain will then continued being marketed.